Life of Pi final readings

I know that we skipped over talking about pieces in the book but this isn’t about what happens in the book really because I don’t want to spoil it. This is about the main themes and points in the book. In the rather large last section since I last posted Pi has gone on a amazing journey, which I will not spoil by telling you although I will say one thing, a drastic life-changing even happens on the boat Pi is traveling to Canada on. The Life of Pi is about freedom of religion and practice, open mindedness, courage in the face of pain, and having good teachers in your life. Pi learns to be openminded and accepting of others and he is very courageous trying to stay alive out in the ocean with numerous animals. Pi’s teacher taught him well and affected his life greatly but Pi also learned he had to push and teach himself.


Life of PI chapters 22-30

So far in the life of Pi we have experienced Pi’s childhood and slight religious experiences and see that he is being shaped into an openmineded person. In this section Pi’s parents find out about his several riligous practicies and try to disuade him. Eventually they accept. although not others, that worshipping god no matter what or how many ways was good for their son and Pi proceeded with a Baptism and in getting a muslim prayer rug. We see religion heavily influences Pi’s life and the first part of the book and that it is a continuing theme. The final cliffhanger i decided to end on was the fact that Pi’s family where moving away from beloved Pondicherry and to Canada because of governemntal issues. 

Life of PI chapters 5-21

During these chapters we discover Pi’s Childhood. Living at the Pondicherry Zoo, being ridiculed because of his name, Piscine, and living in the shadow of his older brother. Through these chapters and further into the book, I suspect, Pi meets many wise and religious scholars. Through these people he experiences many religions and embraces many of them and keeps an open mind and open heart. At one point in the book Pi is practicing Hindi, Muslim and Christian beliefs and respecting all of them. I believe that Pi’s want for knowledge and accpetance will help him further on. In one of the earlier chapters Pi’s father demonstrates how dangerous tiger’s and any animals are. Pi was at a very impressionable age and so I think this experience will stay and affect Pi”s outlook in later chapeters.